Friday, August 12, 2022

Designated (Clothes for Fall)

 Here's some colour inspiration for this fall. Yes, you've seen it here before.

Sonatina Per Due, by Rosina Wachtmeister, poster found at a flea market

And there's this:

Vintage scarf and beads, same flea market

And one more:

An orchid which happens to be in full bloom right now.

First Round: Thinking it Through

She blew the clothes budget on one pair of pants. Which she needed, truly. And she decided to buy something Canadian-made and sustainable, that would go with all kinds of things.

Duffield Design Stovepipe Pants in Charcoal

But she won't be buying much else this season! So what's already in the closet? An immediate strikeout: the fleece cardigan that she thought she would match the pants. It's dark, it's heavy, it's got a lot of  ribbing on the collar and cuffs. She might feel differently about it come snow and January, but for now, nope. 

But all is not lost. 

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