Sixteen years of Treehouse talk

Sixteen years of Treehouse talk

Wardrobe, Winter's End 2020: All In Your Head

Janice at The Vivienne Files used Salvador Dalí's Head of a Woman to create a wardrobe with a bit of pink, three years ago. I combined some of those ideas with her how-to-do-it post here, to find my own version.

Head of a Woman
Head of a Wardrobe

Spring here is a mythical season that's gone before you're sure it's arrived. It was way-minus on Valentine's Day, but we'll be getting out the summer clothes by Victoria Day in May. For the time in between, I've included everything from cowlneck sweaters to lightweight t-shirts.

The Stuff

Number of clothing items: 37
Counted: Clothes, coats

Not counted: shoes, accessories, tank tops worn under other things

Interesting, maybe-vintage jacket I just thrifted

Last-minute addition! Lightweight cardigan (thrifted)
Favourite jewelry

Short sleeved tops, 6

Oversized dark grey t-shirt (thrifted)
Off-white t-shirt, short sleeves
Blue-gray t-shirt, short sleeves (thrifted)
Blue/grey striped t-shirt (thrifted)

Pink top, short sleeves (thrifted)

Grey sweater, short sleeves (thrifted)

Long sleeved tops, 4

Blue t-shirt, long sleeves (thrifted)
Green t-shirt, long sleeves (thrifted)
Grey tunic-length sweater, long sleeves (thrifted)

Off-white mock-neck cotton sweater

Shirts, 6

Orchid pink shirt (thrifted)

Jean-style shirt (thrifted)

Plum longer-length shirt (thrifted)
Blue and white striped shirt (thrifted)

Dark blue silk shirt (thrifted)

Grey plaid shirt

Sweaters and Layers, 6

Textured jacket (thrifted, seems vintagey)
Blue pullover with jean fringe (thrifted)

Grape pullover sweater, large cowlneck (somewhat vintage)
Brown cardigan (thrifted)
Grey cardigan with sash belt (thrifted)
Off-white cotton cardigan (thrifted)

Bottoms, 7

Charcoal-grey cords (thrifted)
Blue jeans (thrifted)
Light greenish-grey cotton pants (thrifted)
Grey pinstriped jeans (thrifted)
Grey-brown leggings (thrifted)
Short grey denim skirt (thrifted)
Skirt, beige/grey/blue/green (thrifted, vintage)

Dresses, 3

Raspberry dress/tunic (thrifted)
navy and white print dress (thrifted)

Plum t-shirt dress (thrifted)

Outdoor, 4
Blue corduroy jacket (thrifted, somewhat vintage if you go by the heavy-duty zipper)

Teal faux-leather jacket (thrifted)

Jean jacket
Raspberry coat (thrifted)

Snow coat/rain jacket

Last updated Feb. 15, 2020


The Vivenne Files said...

The first thing that burst out of my mouth when I was scrolling through this: "This is really well done!"

Nice choices, and well coordinated. Good for you!


Mama Squirrel said...

Thank you so much!