Friday, August 12, 2005

Earrings, by Ponytails

Last week I got my ears pierced. Today is a week after I got my ears pierced, so today is my earrings' anniversary. The Apprentice got hers done too. The lady who did my ears took the gun and she put the earring through the gun, and clicked the button, and shot it into my ear. And it hurt! I'm being honest. :-P Actually it stinged, not hurt. She gave me heart earrings instead of balls. The Apprentice got balls. Coffeemamma, Ponytails is telling B that it doesn't hurt VERY much to get your ears pierced, and the stinging doesn't last long. It's over fast.

We started school and we finished Five Children and It. It was fun. Now can we watch the video, please???

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Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Once upon a time Equuschick wanted to get her ears pierced. Head Girl decided she'd have it done, too. So we had an ear piercing lady come out to the house (in Japan that's how it was done), and she did Head Girl's ears first. Head Girl let out one loud squawk when the first ear was done, but didn't even flinch for the second.

However, Equuschick refused to haver hers pierced at all after hearing HG's squawk. I even got mine done, to show it didn't hurt that much (being allergic to nearly all metals, I had to let them grow back again within a month or so, and I knew that would happen. Oh the sacrifices we mothers make). Still she refused, and she never has had them pierced.