Friday, January 09, 2009

More snow, more school

Plans for Friday, including a couple of things we put off earlier in the week:

Make up two math problems for Mom to solve
Pilgrim's Progress, pages 84-91 in our edition
Short lesson on the keyboard
Review this week's memory work: catechism, poem, hymn
1 chapter from the book we are reading about the Arctic
Printing practice
Independent reading: Through the Year, pages 84-93
Spelling test on the computer
Composer study: Franz Liszt


Jacci said...

Hello, there, Mama Squirrel!! :) I've enjoyed catching up some on your blog this week. I've been on a little bloggy hiatus for a while, but I'm enjoying getting back a bit (in a more limited capacity). Technorati told me that you have The Educational Life listed in your "friends" sidebar - thank you! I'm honored to be your blog pal :) But, I wanted to let you know that The Educational Life is now defunct - we've changed our name and moved to Understanding Charlotte. Hope you'll drop by! Happy New Year and thanks for the link!!


Jacci said...

oops -

Have a great day :)

Mama Squirrel said...

Thanks for the update!