Thursday, October 04, 2012

Dollygirl's Grade Six: plans for today

Homeschool plans for Thursday:

Basic Bible Studies: God’s Grace (A), part 1 of 2 (page 22)

Citizenship:  Uncle Eric, chapter 5: How to Learn or Teach Models. A sure way to keep people from learning:  teach them all about the thing, but don't let them touch it, play with it, or otherwise form any kind of relationship with it. Example: when we play a new card game, do we have to go over every single rule first?

Math:  start working on pages 64-65, Repeating Decimals. (working with spreadsheets as described in the textbook)

Copywork:  finish this passage from Leigh Hunt, quoted in Charlotte Mason's Home Education:

"Suppose," says Leigh Hunt, "suppose flowers themselves were new! Suppose they had just come into the world, a sweet reward for some new goodness... Imagine what we should feel when we saw the first lateral stem bearing off from the main one, and putting forth a leaf. How we should watch the leaf gradually unfolding its little graceful hand; then another, then another; then the main stalk rising and producing more; then one of them giving indications of the astonishing novelty––a bud! then this mysterious bud gradually unfolding like the leaf, amazing us, enchanting us, almost alarming us with delight, as if we knew not what enchantment were to ensue, till at length, in all its fairy beauty, and odorous voluptuousness, and the mysterious elaboration of tender and living sculpture, shines forth the blushing flower."
Einstein and The Theory of Relativity chp 3: Learning in Spite of School. Read pages 24-top of 30.

French: Le voyage de Monsieur Perrichon, lesson 8. Review folk songs.  Je Veux Chanter #30, “Alleluia.”

Finish a picture in Je gribouille!   (French equivalent of the Doodle Book series.)

We were supposed to go to the library this afternoon and look for Dewey Decimal books, but there are some life-interrupts conflicts, so it will have to wait.  Also I wanted to have a real tea time this week, but the afternoons have been busy, and tomorrow afternoon is drama club...and Monday is Thanksgiving.  So maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. Or...whoever said you couldn't have teatime in the morning?  That would work...

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