Monday, February 18, 2013

Quote for the day: Stuck in a pepper-box?

"None of you girls, I hope, will ever think yourselves too fine, or too cultivated, to attend to your domestic duties, or even, if need be, to turn up your sleeves and pin on an apron, and toss off some dainty little dish which may stimulate the appetite of the weary or the sick:  for even in such humble services as these you may be pleasing and serving the Lord as truly and devoutly as in any act of public worship.  But I also hope that you will not forget that there are still higher duties than these; that in ministering to the spirit you do more and better than in ministering to the body.  For if there is one creature more pitiable than the fine lady who cannot condescend to the cares of the table or the house, it is the woman who degrades herself into a mere kitchen drudge, and whose soul seems never to get out of the pepper-box and the salt-cellar." ~~"The Best Dish," in The bird's nest, and other sermons for children of all ages, by Samuel Cox, 1886

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