Friday, June 07, 2013

What's for supper? (really cleaning out the fridge, again)

Tonight's dinner menu:

Stovetop dinner inspired by a Leave-it-to-Beaver-era recipe, but using, more or less, what we had on hand:  a pound of ground beef, some macaroni,  a can of mushroom soup plus a bit of leftover tomato soup, a bit of corn, celery, and seasonings.  Definitely some seasonings.  And cheese on top.

Carrot and zucchini sticks

Fruit pie made with the end of some frozen fruit and an oatmeal topping.

Tomorrow:  groceries.

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Angi said...

funny on cleaning out the fridge. we are moving across COUNTRY at the end of the week and I am now in "use it all up" mode. A chest freezer of meats and frozen veggies and a fridge freezer with miscellaneous all has to be used up. Thankfully i don't have any "oddball" stuff in there, like no full bird turkey or whatever. Definitely heavy on the chicken parts to cook up but all seems meal-worthy. Tonight is dry rubbed chicken parts in the crockpot (then hot grilled on the stovetop grill pan to crisp up the outsides) along with what was left of my dry black beans (simmered with diced onion) and two bags of frozen peaches which are in the oven becoming a nice peach crisp, and two bags of frozen veg. yummo. one meal down... many to go! LOL