Sunday, June 23, 2013

What they did for Plutarch (CM Digital Archives)

I wrote a post in March describing how the Parents' Union School (Charlotte Mason's school and correspondence program) made use of certain versions of Plutarch's Lives.  At that point, seeing as I had come to the end of the Programmes on the Ambleside Online site, and (seemingly) the P.U.S. had come to the end of their versions, it was a question as to what would happen next.  (Yes, I know, the suspense is killing you.)

Anyway, this week it finally registered with this feeble brain that there are not only Charlotte Mason Digital Archives online, but that if one types in "Programme 96" or whatever, one can have all those questions answered.  Programmes galore, right up through the 1930's.

So here's what I found, based on the Form III (age 12-15) programmes.  Other Forms did Plutarch as well, and occasionally Form IV did a different one, but generally I think it was the same across the school.

From my previous post:  "In Programme 90 (spring 1921), they did Timoleon.  Programme 91, Paulus Aemilius (big surprise).  Programme 92, Form III did Julius Caesar (it fit their history) and Form IV did Agis and Cleomenes.  Programme 93, Form III did Coriolanus, Form IV did Tiberius and Caius Gracchi.  Programme 94, everybody did Brutus."

Programme 95:  Alexander, first half, using the Blackie's English Texts version edited by W.H.D. Rouse.

Programme 96:  Alexander, second half.

Programme 97:  Aristides, "teacher to read with omissions."  The (North's) version recommended was from a multi-volume set of Plutarch published by Dent.  This is the first programme I've ever seen that actually mentioned the "necessary omissions"; my guess is that the Blackie's editions had been somewhat edited for schools but that they couldn't get Aristides in an edited version.

Programme 98:  Pyrrhus, from the Dent volume.  "Teacher to read with careful omissions."

Programme 99:  T.Q. Flamininus, "teacher to read suitable parts with careful omissions," from the Dent volume.

Programme 100:  Pompey, in a Blackie edition, but it's noted "pages 1-64."

Programme 101:  Pompey,  the rest of the book

Programme 102:  Themistocles, in a Blackie edition.

Programme 103:  Pericles, in a Blackie edition (the same two-in-one book as 102).  (Form IV as well)

Programme 104:  Julius Caesar, Blackie edition (so the first repeat we have had) (Form IV as well)

Programme 105:  Coriolanus.

Programme 106:  (Could you guess?)  Brutus.

Programme 107:  Demosthenes (Blackie edition combined with Alcibiades)

Programme 108:  Alcibiades (Blackie).

So there we go.

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Dawn said...

Thanks for investigating this further, Anne. I don't respond every day, but really love reading your latest entries during my morning computer time. I appreciate you recording your thoughts and ideas so consistently.

Mama Squirrel said...

Thanks, Dawn!

Jeanne said...

So now we know. Alexander would be good.