Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Six: Last Week of Classes (updated)

Most of what we're going to get to this year...we've gotten to.  The rest will have to wait, because both Dollygirl and Mama Squirrel are ready for a break.  Ponytails is also in her last few days of public high school Grade Ten, and she will also be writing exams over the next week and a half.
We're still reading The Two Towers, and that won't be done by the end of school.  Summer reading!


Video about Brother Andrew:

Poetry, memory work

Key to Percents

"Waterfront activities" (swimming lesson)


Video about Brother Andrew:

Poetry, memory work

Key to Percents:  end-of-book test!

The Aeneid: 9 pages

Reading from the Book of Proverbs

Amy Grant video with French subtitles (fun!)

Virgil's Aeneid, by N.B. Taylor:  we read all the way to the end!

Critical Thinking Balance Benders, Level 2

A math challenge about patterns that I found online

A couple of Usborne pages about the late Roman Empire and the spread of Christianity

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Jeanne said...

Thank you for the Brother Andrew videos. We will finish the book this week!