Friday, January 08, 2016

Ponytails gave me a scrap challenge..and Project Number One

Part One

Ponytails recently decided to clean out her stuff, and she gave me a bunch of yarn and fabric--felt, knits, some other bits and pieces. "I want to see what you'll make out of those," she said.
Felt squares
Scraps of lining material

Knit fabrics, but the colours aren't showing up properly--the two in the front are pretty greens.

Part Two

I have medium sewing skills, but I am very hesitant about making clothes for myself. They just never seem to look right, and I'm always annoyed because I've wasted expensive fabric.The first piece of clothing I ever sewed was a green t-shirt in seventh-grade Family Studies (sewing and cooking class). It took weeks and I disliked it intensely (both the sewing and the t-shirt). Most other pieces of clothing I have sewn for myself have not been what you'd call great successes either.

This morning I sewed a green t-shirt from one of Ponytails' fabric pieces. I used these directions for a 15-Minute DIY Party Shirt, tracing around a tank top as shown there. I guess things have come full circle.

(Note on that pattern: if you look at the photos, you can see that their side seams are sewn "inside out," on purpose, so that you get that extra fabric ruffle thing. I did not want a ruffle thing, so I sewed it right-sides-together, the traditional way.)
Stay tuned for more from the 2016 Scrap Challenge.

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