Monday, February 29, 2016

Big Leap Day sale at the thrift store

We took some toys and a little TV to the thrift store. They were having a big sale for Leap Day, so I had a look around.

For under five dollars, I brought home a duster coat (fits, but it's miles too long--help!), a t-shirt, a red button-up shirt, and this top.
The top says XL, which it isn't, no way; it was hanging on the end of a rack of plus-sized clothes, which I wouldn't normally be looking through; it's not a colour that stood out. But I thought I heard it saying, "take me home."
The skirt is one I shortened during my Thrift Sewing Week, and the belt came from the same shop.

And when we came out, it was raining, then snowing. March comes in like a lion.

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