Sunday, August 28, 2016

Laugh for the day: big words, like Saxon

From the 2015 Christmas Special episode of Detectorists: Lance (Toby Jones) is being interviewed by a newspaper journalist about his genuinely rare and valuable find.

Journalist:  Remind me... what was it you found?

Lance:  A late-Saxon jewelled aestel.

Journalist:  It has to be in language a ten-year-old could understand.

Lance:  Pardon?

Journalist:  Can't have too many big words. Er... Like Saxon.

Lance:  Oh, er... Well, it's a type of... jewel...

Journalist:  Gold?

Lance:  Yeah.

Journalist:  Diamonds?

Lance:  Garnets and glass.

Journalist:   I'll put diamonds.

[The journalist asks what Lance is going to do with the money from the aestel]

Lance:   I haven't thought about it yet.

Journalist:  Could we say holiday?

Lance:  Um...

Journalist:  Holiday of a lifetime.

Lance:  Oh, OK.

Journalist:  Where?

Lance:  Er... Dorset.

Journalist:  I'll put Australia.

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