Saturday, August 06, 2016

Saturday yard sales: Crockpots and Kimmie

Awhile back I posted a photo of Little Mama Squirrel with a 1960's Kimmie doll, sold by Regal Imports. Our Kimmie wore Inuit clothes, but they were also sold wearing other types of Native costume, usually something leather.
Today I found a Kimmie at a yard sale. The seller was about my age, and when I asked about the doll, she said it was hers growing up, and now her own kids were also done playing with Kimmie. A bit of Toy Story so-outgrown-toys happening there?

Anyway, I took her Kimmie home with me. She needs a bit of hair TLC, but otherwise she's in pretty good shape.
I also found an extra Crockpot, with a couple of free recipe books, for five dollars, at another sale. The seller was moving overseas and couldn't take it with her.

A nostalgic and useful yardsale morning.

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Silvia said...

That picture of you with the doll is so cute.

Good findings.