Friday, December 21, 2018

Christmas C.M. Countdown, Day 21

Chapter XI is the last chapter on the subject of the Will. (The last few posts will focus on the Soul.)

How do you feel about living in a commonplace respectability which never errs? Doesn't that sound like a good thing?

"Deliver us from lazy imitation," says Charlotte Mason.

How about having an aim to do well, to get on and prosper?

"He that saveth his life shall lose it."

Why did Christ pronounce "woes against the respectable classes?" Because they were so tied up with their own well-being that they could not get free to follow Him. Those who had less reason to be pleased with themselves had more open ears.

"This much we discern––that, in the man of good-will, the Will is absolutely free; that, in fact, there can be no will but a free will."
To live under the rule of Will, with the object of serving the One who loves us, is true freedom.  "Our Wills are ours to make them Thine," quotes Charlotte Mason, and they are the best gift we can offer Him.

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