Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Return of the Intentional Thrifter

I'm feeling both lucky and blessed about the things that have come my way lately. I've said no a lot (it's inevitable), but the yeses make the search worthwhile.

Sorry about the poor lighting/colours of these photos: the sunlight has not been co-operating over the past couple of days. In this apartment, you either get flooded with natural light, or walled in with clouds and fog. But I did my best with the lightbulbs.
An education textbook, Tools for Teaching, and another book that just looked interesting: On Purpose: How We Create the Meaning of Life
I finally replaced our copy of Watership Down.
Free M.C.C. volunteer t-shirt!
These look like slippers, but they're actually shoes with stretchy tops from Arcopedico. Good for wearing around the apartment.
I'm really happy about these Naot shoes! Shoe shopping is not my forte, new or used. I  brought home a pair of burgundy pumps last week, because in the store I was sure that they fit. I got them home and they were too small here, too big there. However, that pair did fit Lydia! Today I browsed the shoe racks very cautiously, and these sort-of-Oxfords popped up, just my size and shape. If at first you don't succeed...
I have been looking for a belt like this all fall, and for a dollar you can't lose. I especially like those little chevron inserts. The photo makes it look black, but it's dark grey.
I bought this skirt today, not the top, but I couldn't get a photo of the skirt by itself that looked like anything but a random wad of fabric. It's a dark grey stretchy pencil skirt, brand new with tags. I've bought a couple of skirts recently, mostly to try out different styles, and I think this is the keeper. (It works with the belt!)

For those who like capsule wardrobes: the official new Project 333 season will start in January, and I'll have a new page up then too.

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