Sunday, May 16, 2021

A Georgian Bay Summer Suitcase

Arthur Lismer, A September Gale, Georgian Bay (1921)

The weather, finally, is getting dependably warm. She knows she could get along all right without buying many clothes for the summer. Maybe a pair of shoes. But one day she sees that one of the mainstream Canadian women's clothing stores is having a very good online sale. She's trying to shop more sustainably, but getting a few summer things she likes at a good price also seems reasonable. When the fall clothes come around, it's more likely that she'll find something that pulls a bit more sustainable weight. Or at least that she'll be able to browse the thrift stores again.

The first thing she chooses is a pair of blue chambray pants, with some pleats and waist detailing. These give her a bit of happy nostalgia, as she owned a similar pair about thirty years ago, the summer that she and her future husband were first dating. Strangely enough, The Vivienne Files also decides to do a story featuring chambray blue and pastels. So this feels like not a bad choice for this year.
How about two summer-top versions of September Gale

Here's the water:
And here are the rocks (shown with some jewelry she already owns):
(She also buys some pajamas, but you don't need to see those.)

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