A Georgian Bay Summer Suitcase

Arthur Lismer, A September Gale, Georgian Bay (1921)

The weather, finally, is getting dependably warm. She knows she could get along all right without buying many clothes for the summer. Maybe a pair of shoes. But one day she sees that one of the mainstream Canadian women's clothing stores is having a very good online sale. She's trying to shop more sustainably, but getting a few summer things she likes at a good price also seems reasonable. When the fall clothes come around, it's more likely that she'll find something that pulls a bit more sustainable weight. Or at least that she'll be able to browse the thrift stores again.

The first thing she chooses is a pair of blue chambray pants, with some pleats and waist detailing. These give her a bit of happy nostalgia, as she owned a similar pair about thirty years ago, the summer that she and her future husband were first dating. Strangely enough, The Vivienne Files also decides to do a story featuring chambray blue and pastels. So this feels like not a bad choice for this year.
How about two summer-top versions of September Gale

Here's the water:
And here are the rocks (shown with some jewelry she already owns):
(She also buys some pajamas, but you don't need to see those.)

Some real rocks from Lake Huron

This is already starting to make her very happy. She starts to imagine what she would take with her if they could go to the beach for a few days.
Jewelry rocks and water

Besides the chambray pants, what does she have that would go with the print top?

Her sort-of-khaki pants, and a white cardigan:

A greige cardigan (free from daughter) and a pair of dark chambray shorts (old)

Of course then you can mix them up:

Well, that makes three pairs of pants, one pair of shorts, two tops, two cardigans. What else would you need on a vacation?

A plum t-shirt dress would be good.

And a jean shirt (free from daughter)

She'd also pack three t-shirts: dark blue, off-white, and teal  And probably something like a pullover sweatshirt.

And a bathing suit. And a beach bag.

And  a rain jacket, because these things happen.

And her new pajamas.

OK, here they are.

Last updated May 16, 2021


The Vivenne Files said...

Oh this is perfect - excellent choices of clothing, and enough humor to make Monday morning feel "doable!"

Thanks so much,

Mama Squirrel said...

I'm glad you liked it!