Wednesday, June 01, 2022

It Could Be Here or it Might Be There (Summer Travels)

Over the next day or two or three, she and her spouse might be going to a bigger city to take care of a couple of errands, and if so, they'll use the chance to visit the big art gallery, or do something else fun while they're there.

However, if that trip turns out not to be necessary, they're going to head the other way and spend a day or two in one of their favourite beach towns.

Or maybe they'll figure out a way to do both.

But how should she pack? Just for a short urban road trip? Or a shorts-and-sandals overnighter? Should she worry about which clothes are clean, or just take what's there? What if it turns cold or rainy? She's trying not to get jarred by too much uncertainty.

So she goes back to her Age of Aquarium page, which started with an imaginary road trip. And she looks at some of the Six Pack archives on the Vivienne Files. (That means, generally, three pieces of clothing to wear, and six in the bag.)

The original plan of a white linen pullover, sleeveless white top, and navy shorts is still fine. 

She decides to leave out the blue jeans, though, and add in a navy top and pants. They don't technically match, but they both have the same sort of embroidery, and in a pinch they could pass for a jumpsuit.

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