It Could Be Here or it Might Be There (Summer Travels)

Over the next day or two or three, she and her spouse might be going to a bigger city to take care of a couple of errands, and if so, they'll use the chance to visit the big art gallery, or do something else fun while they're there.

However, if that trip turns out not to be necessary, they're going to head the other way and spend a day or two in one of their favourite beach towns.

Or maybe they'll figure out a way to do both.

But how should she pack? Just for a short urban road trip? Or a shorts-and-sandals overnighter? Should she worry about which clothes are clean, or just take what's there? What if it turns cold or rainy? She's trying not to get jarred by too much uncertainty.

So she goes back to her Age of Aquarium page, which started with an imaginary road trip. And she looks at some of the Six Pack archives on the Vivienne Files. (That means, generally, three pieces of clothing to wear, and six in the bag.)

The original plan of a white linen pullover, sleeveless white top, and navy shorts is still fine. She decides to leave out the blue jeans, though, and add in a navy top and pants. They don't technically match, but they both have the same sort of embroidery, and in a pinch they could pass for a jumpsuit.

She recently thrifted a navy cotton tank dress, and although that's a lot of navy, it could come in handy on whatever trip this turns out to be. 
Three more: the beige or greige or whatever you call it cardigan; her new striped sleeveless linen top; and those pants in another colour that she's never been sure what to call: stone, maybe.  This would be her second-choice travelling outfit, but she feels like it's maybe a bit "beachy" for the art gallery.
That beige/greige though...seriously, not her favourite. What if...she switched that up for a short-sleeved sage-green cardigan?  Yes, she likes that better. If she put it with the navy top and pants, and then added a watch, some green beads, and earrings, with her white and navy shoes with bows on them, that would work all right to drive in to the city. Plus she could take her turtles purse, because that's just fun.

And if she switched the jewelry around, wore sandals, and added sunglasses, a hat and a beach bag, that would work for the beach. (Actually the sandals would work either way.)
Wizard of Oz bag: gift from daughter.

In the meantime, everything else is going into a small suitcase:

navy tank dress
striped sleeveless top
white sleeveless top
navy shorts (for the beach)
bone pants
white linen pullover
Extra shoes: she decides on black ballet flats, just in case she needs something dark to wear with the dress.

A large scarf in jade green, periwinkle blue, and navy
Whichever accessories she's not already wearing...
and any extra jewelry she decides to slip in.
Plus the necessary things like pajamas, a bathing suit, and a toothbrush.

She might throw in her jean jacket as well, or something waterproof in case it rains.

Other Outfits

Maybe they'll make it this weekend, maybe they won't. In any case, now she has a plan for when they do manage to get away.

Last updated June 1, 2022.


The Vivenne Files said...

A turtle purse! THAT'S the best!!! As always, you've pulled together a great travel wardrobe, and your thought process is so fun to share. Thanks so much,
love love love,

Donna said...

The turtle purse has a starring role! Such a good find! Love the short sleeved green cardigan. I need to add shades of green to my wardrobe. Green should look fine with silver hair, don't you think?