Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Wednesday Spicepodge

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From this Side of the Pond
1. What's something that scares you? 

The big serious things? not going there right now.

Small and silly ones? Mice. I do not think they're nice.

2. Do you care where the food you eat comes from? To what degree? 

Right now I care more about managing to keep it on the table at all. We do buy local produce when we can.

3. What's something you wish you'd spent more time doing when you were younger? 

It's hard to go back and think "if I had done this," because if it had changed my life dramatically, I might have missed out on other things that have happened.

But definitely less time spent watching T.V., more time talking to real people and finding out their stories.

4. Let's play autumn this or that....pumpkin spice or apple cider? Corn maze or haunted house? Horror film or Hallmark movie? Blanket or sweatshirt? Watch football or watch the World Series? Foliage-red, yellow or orange? 

Cider, yes, and all colours of leaves. The rest of the list, no real opinion.

I don't buy fake pumpkin-spicy things, but I do bake with pumpkin and spices, if that makes sense.

5. This time last year where were you and what were you doing? 

Pretty much the same as this year: getting ready for a fall retreat on Lake Erie, trying to salvage the last of our parsley from malevolent squirrels, and going to the flea market when we can.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I saw a video this week about a family who were able to pack and move out of their rented (furnished) place in one day (three car trips), thanks to their already-minimalistic mindset. What was more troubling was the reason they had to move at all: somebody at the rental office apparently made a clerical error that couldn't be undone (didn't renew their lease). I also just finished reading The Watchmaker's Daughter by Larry Loftis, a new biography of Corrie ten Boom. If you don't know or have forgotten, she was released from a WWII concentration camp due to a clerical error. Clerical errors may have been responsible for more good and bad events in this world than we will probably ever know.

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