Monday, April 11, 2005

A Manwich is a Meal

Mr. Fixit is delighted to announce that his charcoal barbecue is now clear of snow and the Squirrel family has been eating barbecued food for the last two nights out of three. It would have been three out of three, but the chicken he bought for Sunday smelled like hardboiled eggs when he unwrapped it, so we were happily forced to get some Chinese food instead.

His latest discovery (courtesy of his favourite barbecue cookbook, A Man A Can and a Grill (I'm not making that up, you can order it at )) is Manwich Sauce, something I hadn't thought about for years but still remember the commercials for: A sandwich is a sandwich, but a Manwich is a meal. Anyway, we found some at the squirrel supermarket and figured out that it makes a pretty good sauce for hamburgers as well as in the Sloppy Joes that I think it's meant for. We prefer our burgers non-sloppy, so the Manwich sauce goes on just like ketchup. Mmm. Mr. Fixit says it's his latest favourite food, after Wong Wing's General Tao Chicken.

Apologies to our vegetarian friends! (We do barbecue polenta too.)

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