Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cooking with the apprentice

A new quiz to do if you're bored. Made up exclusively by me.

What was the best ___ you ever had?

1. Pasta/spaghetti?
Fettucini Alfredo from a little restaurant downtown that's not there anymore.

2. Best chocolate chip cookies?
Neiman-Marcus cookies.

3. Birthday cake?
My hot dog birthday cake, complete with fries. I think the one I linked to is the right one, family members feel free to correct me.

4. Chicken burger?
A certain resturant's Monterey Jack bacon chicken burger *drools*.

5. Hamburger?
Mr. Fixit's. I'm not bad at it either.

6. Pumpkin pie?
If you give her some whipped cream, that Mamasquirrel can make one mean pumpkin pie.

7. What's your favourite food, and who made it?
Cabbage rolls. Preferably made by Mr. Fixit, with the little spice packets from the meat store.

8. Name three people you'd like to join in.
Mamasquirrel. Pippinsqueak. Katelyn.


Mama Squirrel said...

Very amusing, Grandma would be proud--and thanks for the pie compliment. Your cake didn't come from FF, but I think maybe the person who sent it in there got the idea from the same magazine I clipped it from.

Mama Squirrel said...

Did you notice that Tim's Mom posted a response, and then her friend Beth posted one too?

Beth agrees with you about the cookies.