Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things we've been doing

1. Shovelling snow. A lot of snow. The most snow that fell in 24 hours in the past four years, and that includes a blizzard three years ago. Having this much snow on the ground, but still having daylight at 7 p.m. to shovel it by, is something my head can't quite put together.

2. Making crackers (a recipe from the first Tightwad Gazette book). The Squirrelings are starting a Homemaking unit about making things from scratch.

3. Getting ready for the local homeschool conference.

4. Getting to "Cornwallis surrenders" in Crayons' history book. (Seemed like the War of Independence would never end.)

5. Ponytails realized that she never did what she wanted to do with some of her yard-saled fabric, so she's been making plans for that. Plus, The Apprentice gave her a box of clothing pass-ons to refashion for spring!

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