Tuesday, September 06, 2011

First Day of School

The Apprentice is back and forth this week to her university, doing orientation activities.  (I just gave that part of the Antiques quiz away...but you could have figured that one out anyway.) 

Ponytails is home from her first day at public high school; the first day always ends early.  Actually, she and Mr. Fixit are out right now buying a backpack and mechanical pencils.

Crayons/Dollygirl is done her first day of Grade Five, and she's trying out the watercolour pencils we bought to go with Artistic Pursuits.  She's put together a poster to go with Math Pet Store, like Jemimah's, and she's figuring out how many virtual hamster cages and bags of shavings she needs.  She tried lifting a big box of books onto the washing machine, but realized that it takes too much Force for her to do that amount of Work alone.   She did dictation from Psalm 1, and only missed one word.  We started Great Expectations, Mission Monde French, and the study of life in Upper Canada.  It's been a busy day but it really didn't take that long...and it was nice having it all laid out!

(Oh. Right. I did that laying out. Well, it's done, anyway.)


Jeanne said...

Could we place an order with Crayon's Store one month?

Mama Squirrel said...

Sure! Trade you a beaver for a platypus?