Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three weeks into school...this and that...

Two favourite things so far:  Crayons really likes both The Trail of the Conestoga and Great Expectations, so we've gotten ahead on those.  We've gotten the Bricker family just across the Niagara river to Canada (they used their wagons as boats), and as far as Pip's fist fight with the "pale young gentleman."

We've looked at inclined planes and wedges, and are moving onto screws.

Crayons is researching the life of Nathaniel Bowditch.

We've talked about the different ways vines grow, and we've gone outside to look for purslane.

We know where Port Huron and Sarnia are.

The Pet Store business is off to a good start.

We've learned about chalk, and foraminiferae.

And we've listened to some of  Moussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition."

Not bad for three weeks.

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