Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's everybody doing today?

Just in case anyone was expecting a crochet lesson--our next gathering isn't until next weekend.  But maybe I'll post a "weekend update."

The Apprentice is at a weekend conference on the theme of Failure.  (Yes, really.)  Well, actually it's about interdisciplinary education, but the speaker topics are on failure.

Ponytails is going bowling with two friends from her improv comedy team.

Crayons is going to visit a friend that she met years ago in a dance class and who's now in the Saturday sewing/crochet group.  Turns out she lives only a couple of blocks away.

Mama Squirrel and Mr. Fixit do not have any meetings to go to or classes to plan for or anything else too pressing today. Mama Squirrel wants to go to the library.  Mr. Fixit will probably work on his clocks and radios.  And there are always groceries...and some snow to shovel...

How's your weekend shaping up?

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Annie Kate said...

Sounds like a great Saturday.

Our older ones are at judo and MIss 9 is cleaning her room. My husband is at Home Depot (uh oh!).

This afternoon we're attending the spelling bee. Because we have some very good spellers in our homeschool group, the bee is always fun. Last year it was amazing! (

Thank you so much for that award. I'm still trying to figure out who to pass it on to. :)

Have a happy Saturday and a blessed Sunday.

Annie Kate