Friday, October 30, 2015

Something slimy for Hallowe'en

How can you not like a post that starts like this? (Link found on the Afterthoughts blog.)
A few days ago I had the slimy experience of listening to a forty-minute discussion on BBC radio purporting to show the history of Britain through the medium of poetry. I describe the experience as slimy because I felt, having listened to it, that I had been slimed, finding myself covered spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally in a decaying, mendacious goo.
Let me explain.

 Full article "The BBC: Writing Christianity Out of History," by Joseph Pearce, at The Imaginative Conservative.

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The Journey said...

I wonder--- Are they re-writing history because they will no long have to be faced with the conviction about way they are living? The young people today have really bought into the re-writing. They also, use these rational if it is pointed out to them that is re-written history, no one really knows they weren't there. So sad.