Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A is for Airplane (Deep in the Heart of AO Conference, May 2016)

A is for airplanes, airports, and Atlanta, where (both times) I just barely made the connecting flight to and from Dallas. The airplanes were fun; the airports, not so much.
B is for bags: two of them.

C is for comfortable shoes, for which I was grateful.
D is for drizzle, which is what we had Thursday. Also for Dawn doing drill (Swedish).

E is for enthusiasm.
F is for fangirls, and not the kind you'd think.

G is for gravy and biscuits. Also for group photos.

H is for hayride and campfire. Also harmony, four-part.

I is for Instagram, where you can see people's #heartofao2016 photos.

J is for joyfully hugging hello.

K is for keys.

L is for long walks and lineups, but you don't mind those when there's interesting company.

M is for music, and Megan Hoyt's new book about it, which I didn't manage to get a copy of at the conference, but it's on the list.

N is for nature study, sometimes unintended.
O is for organized.

P is for PrimePeriwinkle, who is blogging her way through the conference. Also Prufrock...no, Plutarch...no, Prufrock, I meant Prufrock.

Q is for quiet. It wasn't, much, except for early in the morning and late at night.
R is for ready for business.
S is for swag bags, over 200 of them, filled by our crack team of helpers including one under the age of three.

T is for Texas, as in, deep in the heart of.
U is for umbrellas, which Kathy thoughtfully brought along for the drizzle downpour.

V is for van service, which is how I got home from the Toronto airport.
W, X is for WaXahachie. Also for Wristbands.

Y is for y'all.

Z is for Ziploc bags, to keep your socks and everything else organized.


Dawn said...

So very clever. I love it!

Mama Squirrel said...

How many places can you go where you get to use a W and an X? :-)

Mama Squirrel said...

Oh--I just realized I should have made an addition to D and drill. OK with you?

Heather said...

What a wonderful recap, Mama Squirrel!
Thanks for sharing highlights from the conference in a fun format.
Also I'm almost a year late, but I just responded to your PM on the AO Forum. I didn't intend to ignore you, I just never check my PMs.
Catching up on your recent posts and enjoying all these tidbits.