Tuesday, May 31, 2016

From the archives: Blow Off Some Steam

First posted April 2013, as part of the Hidden Art of Homemaking discussion at Ordo Amoris.
I'd be tender - I'd be gentle and awful sentimental
Regarding Love and Art.
I'd be friends with the sparrows ... and the boys who shoots the arrows
If I only had a heart.

"A Christian...should live artistically, aesthetically, and creatively...we should look for expressions of artistry, and be sensitive to beauty, responsive to what has been created for our appreciation." ~~Edith Schaeffer, The Hidden Art of HomemakingChapter 2 

"For too many people...the creative muscles and joints (if I can use that picture!) have stiffened with disuse."
"We are all in danger of thinking, "Some day I shall be fulfilled. Some day I shall have the courage to start another life which will develop my talent", without ever considering the very practical use of that talent today in a way which will enrich other people's lives, develop the talent, and express the fact of being a creative creature."

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