Thursday, February 09, 2017

Frugal Finds and Fixes

Fixes: A hole in Lydia's jeans.
I wasn't going for completely invisible, just functional.
A thrifted sweatshirt, for a dollar. The coloured-tag dollar deals are one of the best bonuses of the thrift store we go to. It also helps to know what you're looking for, so you can make even short visits more productive. I needed a sweatshirt, I like this shade of grey, and I didn't mind if the label said Large.
Household habits and changes:
We donated most of our marriage-long accumulation of music CD's, keeping just enough to fit into one end-table drawer. We got rid of a VCR, a record cabinet, and a 40-year-old toboggan.
We have also begun seriously stepping up our recycling habits.
Looks funny, but it makes you think twice about putting something in the bottom pail (garbage).
I also put my name on the library wait list for Bea Johnson's Zero-Waste Home book. Any ideas help!

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