Wednesday, February 15, 2017

You know you're moving on...

You know you're moving on from being a homeschool mom when you admit that your teenager is probably not going to use the 20-year-old copy of Writer's Inc. that you saved just in case. Keeners look up their own extra resources. The rest just use whatever copied material the teacher hands out. The odds of the "mom shelf" being used...except by mom...are low.

You know you're moving on from the big-family, Sunday-dinner phase when you decide to use the good flatware for every day, and bag up the other mismatched stuff for future apartments or eventual donation. And when it appears that keeping only eight settings handy out of the twelve would probably be enough.

You know you're moving into this millennium when you actually start rinsing out milk bags for recycling. Because, up till now, who cared?

You know you're moving on have too many towels.

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