Wednesday, February 01, 2017

February Free Fill-the-bag (because next month it won't be)

Someone in the local paper advised us, tongue in cheek, to do spring cleaning in February, before new garbage restrictions take effect in March.

I'm taking a break from formatting an e-book (tedious but important), virtuously eating Finn Crisp, not-as-virtuously drinking instant coffee, and looking at the list of 60 Things to Toss Out. The first one, wrapping paper scraps, I took care of on Monday. Christmas lights that don't work? --not my department. Next on the list are old magazines and old receipts. I might have a few of those.

Unmatched earrings? I refuse to toss them, on the off-chance that their mates might someday show up. (I hate losing earrings. Don't you hate losing earrings? I stay in denial as long as I can.)

Bathroom products, shoes, scarves? Under control. Hair ties, sunglasses, nail polish? I don't have any. But I do have some old regular glasses that could go.

And then we're back to the paper stuff. "Scraps of mail." "Old paperwork." "Books you don't enjoy." OK. Yes. They have obviously been peering into my file boxes, and I agree. Time for a clearout.

The rest of the list can wait.



Amy Marie said...

I save my single earrings far too long also. Totally hear you on that one. :)

Silvia said...

I do hate, hate, loosing earrings, sigh.

I am also formatting a book for publishing.

I don't know, you may have arrived to this silly finding, but it took me all my life to figure out a way to keep up with revised version after version when working on a book. Now I create a file for the book, and inside, another file that says new version. Whenever I make a new revised copy, I place it on that file, and move the last one to the main folder -just in case. But this way, my NEW VERSION folder only has my newest revised version which I name by the name of the doc plus date too).

Mama Squirrel said...

Silvia: I put the current day's date in the file name, and delete all but the last couple of versions.