Monday, July 09, 2018

An Infrequent Traveller, Part Two: What to pack it in

Some infrequent travellers have proper suitcases stored away. I don't, so when I do make a trip somewhere, I have to haul out the possibilities and try to remember how much I managed to get in them last time. 

 On this trip I am limited to one carry-on bag and one personal item.
The backpack, the heavy shoulder bag, or the nylon quick-business-trip deal? (Two of them are freebies from relatives.) I have an older weekend bag, but when it's packed it just barely fits the maximum size for carry-on, and it gets stuck in overhead compartments, not good. So it's a choice of these three, or (at worst) thrifting a carry-on suitcase when I'm volunteering tomorrow.
The new tote/purse or the old one? 
Makeup bags, grocery bags, Ziploc bags, laundry bags?

Here are the necessaries, more or less. (There are a few things I can't show in public.)
10 items of clothing (the rest I'll be wearing)
Sunglasses, tissues, makeup, pillowcase, Daytimer, reading material (could be left at home), two scarves (or maybe just one)
Toiletries, snacks, vitamins, towel, handy magnifying glass, gum to stop ear popping
Hat, extra shoes (could be left at home if absolutely necessary), brush, water bottle, and socks I use for slippers

So here is the suspense story: will it all go in? (And in what?) Stay tuned.

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