Tuesday, July 10, 2018

An Infrequent Traveller, Part Three: Dry run, tough choices

This is a practice-pack for my upcoming trip.

First attempt

The blue satchel and the backpack managed to hold most of what I had collected. Clothes and shoes in the backpack, everything else in the satchel. Left out: the water bottle, which was too big. I will probably buy a small bottle of water after Security, and refill it if needed.

First layer in the backpack: a little Kon-Mari helps.
Second layer, ready to zip:
Some stuff for the satchel, which is heavier than I'd like. It has to hold anything that comes out for customs and security: liquids, electronics. 
Liquids bag. Actually the easiest part of the whole thing. 
Second attempt

I thrift-bought the blue satchel just for this trip, but I was not happy with the way it packed. It has two disadvantages: the thick handles and hardware make the bag itself heavy, and there are no shoulder straps. The law society daypack, on the other hand, is very lightweight, has a shoulder strap, and is a bit wider at the base. I was counting it as a potential suitcase rather than tote bag, but it can be either. I hate to say no to the prettier satchel, but shoulder straps and less weight are making this a better choice.

Clothes in the backpack, stuff in the law bag?

Third attempt

Brain wave: clothes in the law bag, everything else in the backpack, which should still fit under the seat.

For now, I'm going with #3.

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