Monday, December 12, 2011

Crayons' photos: our bookshelves, the monkey mob, and Crystal's popcorn hat

Jeanne wanted to know where we put all our books.

Most of the school-related books are on this wallful of bookcases in our downstairs rec room.  This is what you'd call a candid shot, because Mama Squirrel did not attempt to get rid of the leaners or the over-stackers before Crayons took the picture.  You can see more books in the photos of Crayons' doll Crystal.

Mr. Fixit has a small personal bookcase in his workshop, and there are bookcases in the bedrooms.  And a few cookbooks in the kitchen.  But that's about it, except for a few boxes of stored books--our living room upstairs does not have a good spot for bookshelves.  A few years ago, having an excess of time on my hands, I did a rough count, and I think it was about 1600 books.  I cycle them in and out pretty evenly, so I still don't think we have over 2000 total: probably more than the average North American household, but still less than many homeschoolers we know.

Crystal has a new hat to cover up the fact that her back hair is embarrassingly skimpy.  It started out to be a potholder, but the sides kept curving up and it just looked better as a hat.  Mama Squirrel added chain-stitch ties to each side so that it can be tied under the chin or under her hair.  Crayons is making Crystal a red holiday jumper at her Saturday sewing class, so this will finish off her outfit.

A back view--see the popcorn stitch?

I also stitched the monkeys' hands together so that they can hold candy canes.  Much more cheerful, I thought.  People can snip them apart later if they want.

All photos copyright by Crayons, 2011.  All yarns are Red Heart SuperSaver. 

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Jeanne said...

Oh yeah. My kinda post. Books. Crochet. Candy canes. Love the monkeys, but still haven't tried them. I think they look more jolly holding their goodies as well.