Thursday, December 15, 2011

Found at the thrift store: Mama Squirrel goes squirrelly with decorations and baskets

What did we bring home from the thrift store this week?

Quite a lot.  Some of it, I can't say, because it's almost Christmas.  Just say that I had my eyes open, looking out for certain peoples' particular reading interests.

And some of it, I can say, because it's almost Christmas. I earned a bit of pin money last week by sitting through a bunch of prototype commercials with four other ladies and discussing what we thought of them.  So I used some of that money to buy several nice baskets, and a whole boxful of trims, picks, bows and other holiday miscellany to dress up the baskets.  What we do with the baskets (most years) is fill them with food gifts and other small items, and those are our family gifts for a few of the relatives.

Mr. Fixit is going to take photos later today, so come on back and you can see what the filled baskets look like.

Funniest book I sorted yesterday:

Funny not because of the content, but because of the shape of the book.  If you can't see from the photo, the hardcover edition is a parallelogram.

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