Thursday, December 08, 2011

Holiday decorations at the Treehouse...getting started

We haven't actually gotten any boxes of Christmas ornaments out yet...but we always have a few things put away in the hall cupboard, so I pulled those out and mixed them with year-round decorations.

By the front door...I know there's nothing on the tree, but it was a start.

Six little monkeys, sitting in a tree.  I borrowed the tree so you could see how the monkeys turned out...but they're going here and there for gifts.  After we took the picture, I got an even better idea:  each monkey is going to hold a candy cane.

Another view of the table by the front door.

The top of our buffet, just playing around with some teacups and dolls.  (Does it look a bit like Brenda's?)  What it really needs is some greenery, flowers, bows, all that dress-up stuff...but we'll get there.

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