Friday, December 23, 2011

Crocheting Red Things, or, when life hands you potholders...

I posted pictures of Crystal's red popcorn hat (made from a potholder pattern) a few days ago, although in these photos I notice it's slid a bit south.  Crayons made the red jumper at her Saturday sewing class, and the white stockings/black boots are made from this go-go boots pattern.

The potholder is made from the same yarn and same popcorn pattern as Crystal's hat, just with a larger hook and with a green border. 
The red purse was an early Christmas present for Crayons.  It's made with the same cherry red Red Heart SuperSaver, but in a thick front-post-back-post crochet stitch which makes the purse good and solid.  (Okay, this started out to be two potholders too, but I wasn't using a big enough hook and they turned out a little too solid for potholders.  Good for a purse, though.)
Crystal's other holiday outfit this year is a long vest with a fleecy collar.  It was cut down from a thrifted baby jacket; we cut out the sleeves and restitched the side seams, but kept the collar and buttons intact.  When I get a few minutes, we're going to blanket-stitch around the armholes with navy embroidery floss, to match the other stitching.

Photos: Mr. Fixit. Copyright 2011 Dewey's Treehouse.

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