Friday, December 16, 2011

Recycling pretty book pictures: what's in your hand?

I bought this hardcover quotes/journal book at the thrift store, thinking that it was in nice enough shape to slip in with other gifts for a Treehouse Anne fan.  Unfortunately, it turned out to have several written-on-in-ink pages that I hadn't noticed--which wiped out its gift possibilities.

Dump the whole thing then?

No way.  There were several full-page illustrations of events from the Anne books, and a few of those made nice gift tags, trimmed down and pasted onto card stock.  I particularly liked the one of her in her bedroom with her brand-new brown Christmas dress hanging nearby.  (Yes, it's supposed to be brown, not blue, if you've only ever seen the movie.)  And the non-Christmasy ones will keep for other occasions.

There are also quite a few small illustrations in the book--pictures of baking, sewing baskets, flowers and so on.  Good for cutting and pasting here and there.

It may sound awful to rip apart a book like that, but as somebody said, even a hardcover book (not considering its intellectual content) is really just paper between cardboard covers, and this one had no other real use.  So I'm good with that.

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Natasha said...

I have the very same book, and I also have cut it up and used the pretty pictures as clip-art! My girls love the illustrations.