Monday, June 11, 2012

A summer wardrobe for Abby (18-inch doll clothes)

Abby is Crayons/Dollygirl's Springfield Doll. Dollygirl is going to do a post on her own blog about Abby's camping adventures; but here's a preview with her new duds. All photos are by Dollygirl.

Pattern notes: The green sun hat, shorts, and top are from Joan Hinds' book Sew the Essential Wardrobe for 18-inch Dolls.  We made them from the leftover fabric from one of Dollygirl's sewing class projects. The blue flowered dress is just the top made longer; the fabric is a toddler dress that Dollygirl outgrew a long time ago. The red striped pajamas (and the sleeping bag) are improvised from an old sweatshirt, and the crocheted slippers were made from a pattern I found online. The swimsuit was made from a Cabbage Patch Kid crochet pattern. We also made an African-print shirt which is very cute, but that didn't make it into the photos.


Miss Maggie said...

Super Job Dollygirl. Where is your doll blog? I'd love to link to it. I was sewing doll clothes at your age too. It's amazing how much easier it is to make people clothes later on, when you've already learned so much from doll clothes. It's the perfect primer and then you get lots of beautiful homemade doll clothes that you can take pride in, cause you made them yourself! And look at the creativity you used making the dress, by lengthening the top. Very clever!

Julie Ann Newman said...

Nice job, Dolly Girl! You sew better than I do, (and I'm a grown-up)! Abby looks like she's having a ball! If you would like a little help w/ her hair, check out my YouTube channel (HardyGirl66).

Go Springfield!

Mama Squirrel said...

To Miss Maggie and Hardygirl:

Dollygirl is honoured to have comments from both of you, as she likes both of your doll blogs very much and especially the doll sleepover video. (Also Hillbilly Housewife's Magic Milkshakes and garlic breadsticks.) However, we may have unintentionally given the wrong impression about the sewing: Mama Squirrel did a lot of the work on the clothes, this time around. Dollygirl made the kerchiefs herself, and the camping gear (like the lantern), and served as general consultant and photo stylist; so we feel it was still a team effort. Dollygirl is a pretty good sewer, and probably could have handled things like the shorts and sun hat herself, but she wasn't sure she was up to messing with those patterns yet.

Miss Maggie said...

It's a great combined effort. I'm glad you liked my recipes DollyGirl. Those are two of my very favorites too. the headcoverings turned out great, they really complete the outfits and the lace trim makes them very lady-like. Patterns can be sort of intimidating at first, but eventually, if you keep trying to work up to them, they are possible. Already, look at how much you've accomplished. Great Job Mama Squirrel & DollyGirl.

Julie Ann Newman said...

Well, for the combined effort, I compliment both of you. And I'm glad you enjoyed the video. Look for more fun w/ the Springfield girls on my channel this summer! My girls love to hear from their cyber sisters, so keep in touch!