Monday, June 11, 2012

Raspberrry Cheesecake Tarts, for the Apprentice

This week our Apprentice turns two decades old.

She had to work all weekend, but made it home just in time for Sunday dinner.  In her honour, we had turkey and mashed potatoes.  Dessert, instead of a regular birthday cake, was watermelon and mini cheesecakes, the ones Momma's Corner showed us how to make.  I made them with regular-sized muffin papers rather than mini ones, and used half Momma's filling (one package of cream cheese); that made sixteen small cheesecakes, two apiece and a few over in case of accidents.

Instead of jam on top, I made a thick sauce from frozen raspberries, and spooned that on top after the cakes had cooled a bit.  Raspberry-rhubarb might have been nice too.

Happy Birthday, Apprentice!  (And enjoy your day off.)

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