Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yard sales are picking up: an "Aunt Sarah" challenge (with photos)

I recently posted about an old book that told about how "Aunt Sarah" took her niece's trunkful of worn clothes and explained how they could all be re-used.

How about something on a smaller scale?

We stopped at a yard sale this morning, and at first it didn't look like there was much of interest. I rummaged through a box of stuff and found a sandwich bag full of vintage packages of rickrack, and a couple of interesting-looking bits of fabric. "I have more!" the lady said. Sure enough, she did. She said that she used to be part of a church group "sewing for bazaars. But now I am too old, and nobody wants to help."

For ten dollars, I got a whole bagful of fabric pieces (mostly spangly and/or shiny, plus some lining material), several rolls of ribbon from stores that closed ten or fifteen years ago, all those packages of rickrack, a package of bias tape, a ball of yellow crochet cotton, a couple balls of something thin and shiny that you could crochet with, and a few other things. I left lots behind too.

So that's what's in our hands. Stay tuned.

Photos: Dollygirl.  Copyright 2012 Dewey's Treehouse.

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