Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aunt Sarah Scrap Challenge, Part 1

Here's what I've made so far from last Saturday's yard-saled bag of scraps.
A new hat for Abby, made from a pair of Dollygirl's old jeans and some lace from the yardsale bag
Inside detail of the hat
A tote bag with pockets, made from a large piece of decorator-weight cotton print fabric
One scrunchie, made from sparkly yarn/thread; six pincushions, made from denim, felt, and some fancy purple material with sequins and beads.  The one by itself is stuffed and has pins in it; the others are waiting to be finished.  I found some online help in this pincushion cuff tutorial.
Four butterfly bookmarks.  The yellow crochet cotton was in the yardsale bag; the green is from the end of another ball.  The little pattern is here (although it's called Big Butterfly Bookmark); the big one is here.

The whole thing.

Stay tuned for Part 2--we have big plans for some pink lacy fabric.

Photos:  Mr. Fixit.  Copyright 2012 Dewey's Treehouse.

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