Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Six: Term Two exam questions

Bible and Christian Studies

1. Say or sing as much of the Apostles’ Creed as you can. What does it mean to say that God is “our Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth?”
2. God’s Smuggler: Tell about a) the time that Brother Andrew met with a pastor in Eastern Europe but had no interpreter, or b) one of his other adventures.

Dictation (unprepared): to be assigned.


A) Choose one of the following scenes from The Fellowship of the Ring and write an account of it for one character’s diary—your choice whose.
1. Bilbo’s eleventy-first birthday party.
2. The reunion of Bilbo and Frodo at Rivendell
3. The meeting with Tom Bombadil

B) Crystal Mountain: Describe, in written form OR as an illustration, one of the scenes featuring Miss Dunbar.


B)  The Pushcart War:  Describe, in written form OR as an illustration, one of the scenes featuring Frank the Flower.

English Grammar

1. How many cases does English have? Give two examples of the nominative case (write sentences and mark the words in the nominative case).
2. Explain what is wrong with: “The two of us, Abby and me, were born on the same day.”


1. Tell a) the story of Themistocles’ meeting with King Artaxerxes, or b) Antony’s meeting (holiday) with Cleopatra.
2. Tell what you know of a) Herod, b) the Aeneid.
3.  You are a Spartan visiting Athens, during the Golden Age.  What things about this city (what it looks like, how people live) are different from your own?  Which would you prefer?

Natural History and General Science

1. Tell all you know about a) Archimedes’ war machines (used to defend Syracuse against the Romans), or b) how Archimedes solved the question of King Hiero’s crown.
2. Tell what you know of a) the uses of a hydrometer, b) the center of gravity (e.g. of a long board or a spoon).
3. Tell all you know of the life story of a primrose. Include as many parts of the plant as you can.


1. How did most people traditionally make a living? What was the “prosperous employee model,” and how did it change peoples’ lives? OR, What are some things you need to study or learn about if you want to have a successful business someday?


1. Find the average of 87, 76, 91, and 79, rounded off to the nearest whole number.
2. Write in scientific notation: a) 3,200,000 b) 0.0871
3. Crissy bought 4 posters for $13.50. Find the cost of each poster, to the nearest cent.

French (oral)

1. Give the French for a donkey, the horse, the fish, a long neck.
2. Use in sentences: “je veux,” le cavalier, le train.
3. Explain this sentence from Le Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon: “C'est toujours comme ça quand elle n'a pas pris son café.”


You have been assigned a paper-flower-making table at VBS. What supplies will you need? What steps will the flower-makers need to follow?


Jeanne said...

why didn't she have her coffee? That is the real question.

Mama Squirrel said...

Actually, this was one that Crayons got right on. At the train station, Monsieur Perrichon blames Madame Perrichon's irritability on her supposed lack of caffeine, but the truth is that she's irritable because he's making everybody crazy, losing things and fussing about missing the train.