Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's Advent Not Christmas, Day 18: Annoying Radio Things, and an MCC Christmas Card

Three years ago I posted an annoying "Helpful Holiday Hint" that I heard on the radio: that the "hot decor theme" that year was silver and gold.  It just bugged me.  Not that I wanted to be a wet blanket on the shiny happy decorations, but it did make me think of Charlie Brown hollering "Neigbourhood lights and display contest?  Arrrgh!"

I have a new one for this year.  I've heard it twice already.  How do you cope with holiday stress?  The answer your wardrobe.

Besides that, you should Prioritize Your Parties and Projects, and also take Powernaps before the Parties.

If it weren't so Ludicrous, I'd just Laugh Loudly.

But I have a better response.

(A note on viewing the video:  because of the narrow frames, you may not be able to see the full pictures unless you click through and watch it on You-tube.  Sorry about that.)

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