Thursday, July 31, 2014

If you liked our previous Plutarch lists...(link added)

I've just gone through a few more vintage P.U.S. programmes, mostly looking for Plutarch studies (okay, some people go shopping instead).  If you're interested in knowing what the favourite studies seemed to be, way back when, here's an updated list.  These are all from Form III programmes (middle school), and I know that occasionally Form IV (grade 9ish) did something different, but I haven't had a chance to look at the corresponding Form IV's yet.

Programme 110, Jan-March 1928: Paulus Aemilius, from the Cambridge Press edition  (a book of four Lives, edited by P. Giles--that's why it is used only for these few terms)

Programme 111, Spring 1928:  Agis and Cleomenes (Cambridge Press)

Programme 112, Fall 1928:  Tiberius and Caius Gracchi (Cambridge Press)

Programme 113, Jan-March 1929:  Cato (Blackie edition)

Programme 114, Spring 1929:  Aristides (Blackie)

Programme 115, Fall 1929:  Alexander (first half) (Blackie)

Programme 116, Jan-March 1930:  Alexander (second half) (Blackie)

Programme 117, Spring 1930: Julius Caesar (Blackie)

Programme 118, Fall 1930: Themistocles (Blackie)

Programme 119, Jan-March 1931: Nicias (Blackie)

Programme 120, Spring 1931: Solon (Blackie)


Carol said...

I'd love a guide for Plutarch's Lives for Caesar & Alexander...hint, hint. No pressure intended of course.

Dawn said...

I'm so glad that you study PNEU programs vs go shopping, Mama Squirrel. I am so much the richer for it. And...I can relate to that choice very well.