Monday, August 04, 2014

Teacher training this week

Still reading:

Why Geology Matters, by Doug Macdougall
Old Mortality, by Sir Walter Scott

Planning to read or reread:

Time as History, by George Grant (CBC Massey Lectures 1969)  (short book)
Formation of Character, by Charlotte Mason (that will probably keep me busy until school starts)
Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves


TED Talk: Charles Leadbeater, Education innovation in the slums.

"So time and again, I found people like this. This is an amazing guy, Sebastiao Rocha, in Belo Horizonte, in the third largest city in Brazil. He's invented more than 200 games to teach virtually any subject under the sun. In the schools and communities that Taio works in, the day always starts in a circle and always starts from a question. Imagine an education system that started from questions, not from knowledge to be imparted, or started from a game, not from a lesson, or started from the premise that you have to engage people first before you can possibly teach them. Our education systems, you do all that stuff afterward, if you're lucky, sport, drama, music."  ~~ Charles Leadbeater

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