Friday, January 16, 2015

It's Friday! (updated with photos) (Lydia's Grade Eight)

Yes, we are almost halfway through the school year. Wa hoo.

Things to do today:

Read aloud: Francis Bacon, "Of Studies"
(Lydia is knitting a water bottle cover)
Also read some of Journey to the Source of the Nile, about the great loads of equipment that the 19th-century explorers had to carry, and some of the problems they faced even getting started

Listen to some of Jean Sibelius's Symphony Number One

Do some math and a couple of other book things.
Work in The Roar on the Other Side: close your eyes and write about the sounds you hear (or don't hear. Strangely enough, both the clocks in the room had stopped, so contrary to the expected, Lydia noticed the strangeness of No Ticking Clocks. Kind of like the Dog in the Night that didn't bark).

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