Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Go dig out your old Christian albums (Do-Vember #29)

Today's post didn't come from Pinterest, but it did come from an amazing blog post that I didn't realize at first was so recent.

I went to a yard sale, somewhere around 1984, and bought up somebody's stash of Christian contemporary records. Debby Boone. Tom Howard. A whole lot of Dallas Holm and Praise. Some of them still had their Sparrow Records "buy four, get one free" stickers on them, and I couldn't understand how anybody could not want to take advantage of something that stupendous. I think I used the stickers to buy a Don Francisco cassette. But even at that time, vinyl records were getting somewhat out of style. You couldn't play them on a Walkman, for one thing. So that's when you used your combination turntable-cassette player-radio that your parents got you from Sears for Christmas, to tape all your records and make them portable
Which is what I wished I had done with my LP of Tom Howard's View from the Bridge. Because I was really stupid and let it sit in a too-warm place in my university dorm room, and it got warped. So I never got to listen to View from the Bridge again for a really long time.

But I didn't forget it.

Neither, obviously, did the person who wrote the tribute to Solid Rock Records, Tom Howard, and the album that is linked above. Really, you should just read it, because his descriptions of the individual songs are wonderful. This was, and is, one of my favourites:

Jesus, when I meet You in the stillness of the dark
I know I’ll find the strength to carry on through another day
Jesus, I can hear You in the stillness of the night
And though it’s dark and cold, I know You’ll be my light
All along the way

So show me how each moment of my life is in Your hand
As You guide the way You help me understand
What it means to love
And teach me
It’s the knowledge of Your Truth that sets us free

From this darkened world into reality
And the light above

To learn by living
Is to live in You
To rest in Your forgiving
As You taught me to
If to live means dying to myself
It’s true
I will follow after You.

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