Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Crockpot Full of Carrots (Do-Vember #12)

How could I not be intrigued by a post called "Crockpot Christmas: 30 Recipes for the Holidays?" This is yet another roundup post of links to other sites, hosted on Kids Activities Blog.

So there are recipes for candy, for beverages, for Christmas-morning casseroles, and then some party appetizers and main dishes. I'm not sure what makes the Vegetarian Two-Bean Stew particularly festive, but it does look filling and tasty. Problems: you need to have "trout beans" and Aleppo pepper, neither of which are staples in my kitchen. Mixing cayenne pepper with paprika apparently is a possible substitute for the pepper, and I'm sure there are other kinds of beans that would work.

We do have some serious spinach-artichoke dip fans here, although we usually make a simpler recipe than this one (or just wing it).

But the one recipe I think I am actually going to try (and not wait until Christmas) is Honey Glazed Carrots. As in, with tomorrow night's dinner. You put the carrots in the slow cooker with honey, butter, salt and pepper. Cook on high. That's it.

The backyard rabbits will have their noses glued to the window.

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